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    Bill got drunk and lay on the sofa staring at the maid that came to clean up the mess he made of the room.

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    Which I remember when like, as a high school student I was like, “That is nuts. “Hilarious name for an actual person: Doodoo Topaz.”PJ: “So hey. I know this place is basically my emotional chamber pot where I drop all my Mac Guffins and let them coagulate into sadness stew, but all those internet people who read this are really important to me. I’ll try to slim down.” Is that a Wesley Willis lyric? And then you said, “The thing I like the best about jive urinal” – funny joke Alex – “.that I get to piece together personal histories through their verbal subterfuge and those brief, precious moments of candor.”PJ: But you’re also being nice to somebody. I wonder though as you grapple with something that I too seem to grapple with, which is sort of a bottomless negativity and lack of faith in other people, if you think this will ever work itself out.” And then somebody else said , “You still rule! I think about, like- They like burned bright in a way that I don’t feel like I replicate in my current life. We were all like just leaving our homes for the first time, our parents’ houses. Like, the same way like Russia somehow is just like- seems to be like infiltrating many strange parts of American society. PJ: Okay so, I talked to this journalist named Alexey Kovalev. He says like, he still remembers when Live Journal got to Russia. Live Journal obviously popular early aughts blogging platform based on the idea of like signing onto the internet and putting your diary on the internet. Here is like a thing that you wrote in 2009 that at least shows that your personality is static. I think about the connections that I made at that time. That connection was like extremely important to me. It’s true but it’s like so insufficient to what actually happened.“It is like working for a huge family that really cares.” 3.Fortis Construction OR EMPLOYEES: 159 SCORE: 515.1A high-achieving environment supports staff and pushes them to new levels of performance. OR EMPLOYEES: 205 SCORE: 515.0Flexible work arrangements include flex time, telecommuting, job sharing, phased return from a leave of absence, transition to retirement, part-time schedules and a compressed workweek.Each year, I keep a running list of exceptional nonfiction for The Best of Journalism, a weekly email newsletter I publish. I couldn't read every worthy piece published last year and haven't included any paywalled articles or many of the numerous pieces from "Normally, I wouldn’t have gone to a motel room with a stranger, but I never gave it a thought. Marine, and of the pure canonical type—hard-core infantry, a rifle range coach at times, finishing the final leg of my four-year enlistment as a scout sniper...I just liked the guy so much, and he seemed so kind and together, that it never occurred to me he could be dangerous. And although I served in peacetime, I was not a stranger to hands-on violence.""People were alarmed when I told them where I was going, but I was pleased with myself.

    Considering this to be the best possible use of his time, he stopped going to high school. He prefers the anonymity because he doesn’t want to break ranks with the other people in his town of Veles, in the Balkan nation of Macedonia. Veles has the feel of a small community clamming up out of a suspicion that it’s being talked about for all the wrong reasons.

    I would never do that.” And what I didn’t realize is like, actually it was like fairly social. I was convinced I was going to be an iconoclastic, uh, madman in like the style of like Lester Bangs and Hunter Tho- Hunter S. Like I thought I was gonna be, um, just this person who had really strong opinions about things and expressed them in very concrete ways.. Not like you know I want to send you Xmas cards but at least you tolerate it and sometimes comment on it thereby validating my wish to exist. PJ: And then somebody said, “I like reading about your life and feelings. Like, Russia ate Live Journal in a way that is wild. It was like, world’s most exciting website, and he knows when it was because he was part of the first group of people to get on.

    Like people were writing and they were like, becoming friends with other people who were writing. ALEXEY KOVALEV: I’ve been an active Live Journal user since 2003–2003. ALEXEY: Like, look, there’s, like, the-th- There’s this crazy corruption going on in– these state-owned companies in Russia.

    I liked the idea of being the kind of woman who’d go to the Gobi Desert pregnant, just as, at twenty-two, I’d liked the idea of being the kind of girl who’d go to India by herself.""I wanted her to say that we were the collateral damage of a nation going through growing pains.

    Part of me wanted us to hug and agree each other to death that we were better people than we actually were.

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