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    Upon his return in the spring of 1154, he was rewarded with our family's first feudal hold i n g in Abruzzp Citeriore - Torino di Sangro. Those on her border were slaughtered or, like James and Mary Wright, were driven from their homes back to the more settled districts. On 4-15-1749, along with a Sidney ROGERS, is listed as a witness to the marriage of Evan ROGERS to Isaac's niece, Sarah BALLENGER. From there on no mention is [made of] Isaac in Quaker records. Mary WRIGHT, d/o Isaac & Sidney, was bound out to Richard RIDGEWAY until she came of age. In 1766, " Sidney WRIGHT granted permission to visit Maryland" -- along with Esther WRIGHT, who Thomas WRIGHT and possibly sister to Sidney. Rachel Pickering b 1752 d/o Isaac and Grace Lupton PICKERING -- his stepsister. The name changed over the centuries from "de Iordanus" to"di Giordano". Another tradition has it that knights returning from the Crusades would often bring back containers of water from the Jordan River in the Holy Lands. Much concern was shown for the Wrights both by their friends and by the "Meetings for Sufferings" in Philadelphia, which raised funds to support the refugees and to buy peace from the Indians. In 1758, the British Government sent a powerful force of regulars to Pennsylvania ... is thought to be a descendant of one of three Wright brothers, Joshua, Thomas and Samuel Wright of Yorkshire, England, who settled in New Jersey around 1677. In 1772, "Sidney WRIGHT is granted permission to visit MM at Resquine." On 5-14-1780, Sidney WRIGHT md. Now, more on Solomon s/o Isaac and Sydney WRIGHT: In 1773, Solomon was bound out to Abel Walker. There is no further mention of Solomon in Quaker records, nor was he listed in 1790 PA, census. In the motion requesting the cases be severed and tried separately, Harris’ attorney Gene Scott said following the pair’s arrest, Pate made statements implicating Harris in the crime.Scott argued in his motion that trying both defendants at the same time would hinder Harris’ defense.

    The rest are broken down into groups by sex (males on the left, females on the right), and age groups (under 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, and so on in ten year increments). Names listed include: Abner, Adams, Aiken, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baise, Baison, Baker, Barnes, Beason, Beaumont, Behle, Belbo, Benjamin, Bennett, Biffle, Biggerstaff, Bland, Bledsoe, Bolen, Boles, Booden, Booker, Bow, Boyle, Bradley, Bragg, Bramlette, Branner, Breckenridge, Brent, Bridewater, Bristow, Brown, Brownlow, Bruce, Bruton, Bryan, Buckner, Buell, Bullit, Bullock, Burbridge, Burford, Burgess, Burnside, Burton, Busteed, Butler, Byram, Byrd, Cameron, Campbell, Capps, Capron, Carrington, Carter, Cash, Caswell, Chalmers, Chapin, Chauncy, Cheatham, Chenault, Chitwoods, Cilton, Cleburne, Cloyd, Cluke, Coale, Coffey, Comar, Compton, Coop, Cooper, Cosby, Coy, Cozatt, Craddock, Craft, Crandell, Crittenden, Crook, Cross, Daniel, Davidson, Davis, Debaum, Denning, Dibrell, Dickerson, Dickson, Donelson, Drake, Drye, Ducat, Dudley, Duffield, Duke, Ducan, Eastin, Eaton, Edwards, Ellis, Estell, Fairleigh, Ferguson, Finnell, Flowerree, Forrest, Frain, Franklin, Frogg, Fry, Gano, Garner, Garrard, Gass, Gilbert, Gilkison, Gillmore, Glassford, Goddard, Good, Goodbur, Goodhue, Graham, Granger, grant, Granville, Gratz, Graves, Green, Greene, Gregg, Grider, Grigsby, Groom, Guthrie, Haggard, Halleck, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampson, Hanson, Hapkins, Hardee, Hare, hardin, Harlan, Harney, Harris, Hartsuff, Hascall, Haugh, Haynes, Hays, Hazen, Head, Helm, Henager, Hendren, Henry, Henshaw, Herd, Hickman, Hicks, Highley, Hillborough, Hillyer, Hines, Hobson, Hogan, Holloway, Holman, Honnell, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hough, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffhines, Huffman, Hugger, Hughes, Hunt, Huntington, Hurt, Huwald, Jackson, Jacob, Jaeans, James, Jenkins, Jennings, Jesse, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judah, Kautz, Keen, Kirkpatrick, Kise, Knight, Leasure, Lee, Leeson, Letcher, Leverage, Liberty, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lippincott, Lieuzy, Longdorf, Loose, Longstreet, Loring, Lyon, Mackall, Manson, Marcum, Marshall, Martin, Maury, Maxwell, Mays, Maywell, Mc Clellen, Mc Collum, Mc Comas, Mc Cook, Mc Coy, Mc Cullough, Mc Henry, Mc Kinney, Mc Kinstry, Mc Lain, Mc Lean, Mc Millen, Mc Nairy, Mc Pherrin, Mc Rea, Mc Williams, Mehringer, Mershon, Metcalfe, Miller, Milton, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Mundy, Murphy, Murray, Neely, Nelson, Niemeyer, Norton, O'Brien, O'Grady, O'Neil, Owen, Owsley, Paces, Paine, Pardy, Parrish, Payne, Peach, Pegram, Pennebaker, Peterman, Peyton, Pharris, Phifer, Pierce, Polk, Pond, Pound, Prutzman, Purdy, Quigg, Raiborne, Rains, Randol, Ratcliff, Ray, Reed, Richardson, Riddle, Riffe, Rigney, Riley, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Rosecrans, Rousseau, Runkle, Ryan, Sanders, Sanford, Saufley, Saunders, Schoepf, Scott, Searcy, Semple, Settle, Shackleford, Sharp, Shaw, Sheliha, Sherman, Sidwell, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Stager, Stanley, Stanton, Starling, Starnes, Stevenson, Stockes, Stone, Stoughton, Stover, Strickland, String, Sturgis, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swope, Symonds, Talent, Tarrant, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thrope, Thruston, Thurman, Tompkins, True, Tucker, Vance, Vandiver, Van Dorn, Van Winkle, Viers, Wade, Wagoner, Waitsborough, Wallace, Walter, Walthall, Wampler, Ward, Washington, Weatherford, Welsh, Wharton, Wheat, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Willemin, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wiltsie, Winfrey, Withers, Wolford, Wood, Woods, Woodward, Wooley, Wright, Wynn, Yates, Young, Zeddon, Zollicoffer. GB4 "Fentress County Footprints." Gary Norris; c.2001. Listing is by name, date of birth, date of death, additional information available, and cemetery. GB4 "Marriage Records of Franklin County, Tennessee, 1838 - 1875," Franklin County Historical Society, 1979. This census lists only the head of household by name. The famlies listed are: Myers, Walker, Dunn, Headrick, Emert, Kilgore, Cumming, Waters, Magill, Patty, Culbertson, Fancher, Caylor, Webb, Tipton, Oliver, Shields, Gregory, Feezell, Cable, Burchfield, Crowson, Burns, Brickey, Le Quire, Goddard, Lawson and Freshours. GB4 "1880 Cumberland Co., TN Census." Sistler and Associates. GB4 "Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitts of Nashville, Tennessee." William H. CWM "Davidson County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes, 1783-1792; 1792-1799, and 1799-1803." Carol Wells, Heritage Books, 1991. GB4 "Cemeteries Of Dekalb County Tennessee." Webb, Turner, and Wall. GB4 "Cemetery Inscriptions of Dyer County, Tennessee." Mrs. CWM "Dyer County, Tennessee Marriages 1860-1879." Byron & Barbara Sistler, 1989. The rest are broken down into groups by sex (males on the left, females the right), and age groups (under 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, and so on in ten year encrements). AM6 "Early East Tennessee Marriages." By Byron & Barbara Sistler, 1987. This book was sponsored by the DAR and the TN Historical Commission. Gives names of bride and groom and date of marriage only. CWM "Davidson County, Tennessee Deed Books T and W, 1829-1835." Mary Sue Smith, Heritage Books, 1994. These listing were compiled from the late 1940's through 1985, and printed sometime afterwards. In other words, someone who was not a head of household will not be listed by name. This title is in two volumes, Volume #1 is listed by groom, Volume #2 is listed by bride. GB4 "BLOUNT COUNTY, TENNESSEE MARRIAGES 1795 TO 1915." Edith B. GB4 "History of Blount County Tennessee: From War Trail to Landing Strip 1795-1955." Inez E. AJ3 "Marriages of Blount County, Tennessee 1795-1859." compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley. SE "1840 Census-Tennessee-Bradley County." Byron & Barbara Sistler, Oct. SKP "1860 Federal Census, Bradley County, Tennessee." Compiled by William R. This book is divided into 12 Chapters: Chapter 1: Physical and Geographical Chapter 2: Civil and Political- county- Manchester, Tullahoma, Beech Grove-Noah, Summitvilee-Shady Grove-Pocahontas, Hillsboro-Praire Plains-Cumberland Academy, 14th District- Belmont-Dixie-Hickerson-Rutledge Falls-Seminary Hill Chapter 3: Agriculture Chapter 4: Education Chapter 5: Business and Industry Chapter 6: Human Services Chapter 7: Transportation Chapter 8: Religion Chapter 9: Recreation Chapter 10: Legal Chapter 11: People-Places-Events Chapter 12: Military This book has no index so lookups are time consuming. CWM "Davidson Co., TN Marriages 1838-1863." Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, 1985. SKP "1850 Federal Census, Tennessee." Byron and Barara Sistler 1974, reprint 1991, published by authors. The counties included are Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Carter, Claiborne, Grainger, Greene, Hamilton. Snell, under the auspices of Bradley County Historical Society, 1983. The original census should be checked for additional information. GB4 "1880 Cannon Co., TN Census." Sistler and Associates. CWM "Davidson County Tennessee Wills & Inventories, Vol I, 1783-1816 and Vol II, 1816-1830." Helen C.

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