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    Tiffany giardina and nick jonas dating

    *hops up to brush his teeth**B surrenders to sleep before Nick even makes it back to the bed* B was sleeping soundly when Dads voice rang out making her jolt awake(Dad) What is this?! *Dad throws a tabloid down on B’s chest**B pushes her self up on her elbows and grabs the magazine blinking her eyes a few times trying to adjust them to the light*(Bailey) Oh my God…(Dad) watch your mouth! (Dad) I wont tell you again to watch your mouth, care to explain?*Flipping on bedside light*(Bailey) *closing her eyes tight and shielding her eyes with a whine* OWWWWWW turn it off…(Nick) *whine* stoop turn it off! Bailey’s POVI blinked my eyes again hoping that I was somehow dreaming…there, on page 7 of the celebrity gossip tabloid were multiple pictures of me and Jake, one of me in my bikini…one of Jake and I kissing ..obvious tongue, (ugh how embarrassing).of Jake with some girl straddling his lap at what appeared to be a party…kind of blurry…couldn’t make out who the girl was, it only showed her from behind…I couldn't care less…the Headline read: B Jonas, Bad Seed? *Nick grabbed the tabloid from B and his eyes immediately widened*(Nick) oh crap…..(Bailey) explain? (Dad) the pictures Bailey Nichole….where did they come from? I have waited way to long to hear those words come from the lips of my favorite Jonas, is it possible he has gotten even more hot?Im thinking yes..here I was worried, when he hadn't called I thought maybe his feelings had changed.At that particular point in time, the boys are touring and they aren’t home a lot and we don’t get to see each other a lot.“At that point in time they were in LA, they had a couple of days off.(Ronnie) that's fine I was planning on hanging out with B anyway. (Bailey) so glad my misery amuses you (Ronnie) ok, so what happened last night??

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    (Bailey) Jake happened (Ronnie) details *demanding* (Bailey) nothing really, we started fighting because he tried to blame his cheating on me, AGAIN, and I told him I wasn't going to sit there and let him blame me and he grabbed me and wouldn't let go..then Sam comes out and gives him a right hook that sent him flying off the porch..he got up in Jake's face and told him to back off and Jake left..he took me home. (Ronnie) No, I just turned it off someone was blowing up your phone with calls and texts *B turns on her phone to see she has missed 6 calls and a bunch of texts* (Bailey) I have 2 missed calls from Jake and 4 from Nick...those must have been last night (Ronnie) so did the boys see your arm? (Bailey) they saw, Nick seemed mad, Joe and Kevin asked about it and I was able to blow them off. ...you guys back together or what cause don't even pretend you came here for me.So we just decided to go hang out, go shopping, check out Urban Outfitters, go down to Santa Monica Promenade.“It was my first encounter with paparazzi, and coming home and opening up my computer and having pictures of us together or turning on and having them talk about it. It was such a weird place for me to be in because I didn’t mean to upset anyone and I wasn’t doing it like, Oooo, I hope people get to see me hanging out with Joe Jonas.*FLASHBACK* (Joe) *sad* I- I don't understand V, what did I do? plus we can talk on the phone and text and do the computer chat thing...(Ronnie) *sigh* nothing, you didn't DO anything, its just..are leaving in a couple weeks..will be gone all summer...surrounded by thousands of girls... (Ronnie) *sigh* you might be able to handle the long distance dating thing, but I can't, I'm falling in love with you and it would make me crazy not being able to see you and I don't want to be the crazy jealous long distant girlfriend... You're falling in love with me so you are breaking up with me?

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