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    LILO can be installed on the master boot record (MBR) of your hard drive or as a secondary boot loader on the Linux partition.

    LILO consists of several pieces, including the boot loader itself, a configuration file (), which reads the configuration file and uses the information to create or update the map file and to install the files LILO needs.

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    LILO will work from a hard drive partition, a hard drive's master boot record, or a floppy disk, making it a very versatile tool.What to do: You can help by providing your log file (/var/log/lynis.log).Go to https://cisofy.com/contact/ and send your file to the e-mail address listed ================================================================================ Lynis 2.4.0 Auditing, system hardening, and compliance for UNIX-based systems (Linux, mac OS, BSD, and others) 2007-2016, CISOfy - https://cisofy.com/lynis/ Enterprise support available (compliance, plugins, interface and tools) ================================================================================ [TIP]: Enhance Lynis audits by adding your settings to (see /etc/lynis/for all settings) $ sudo lynis show Provide an additional argument lynis show categories lynis show changelog lynis show commands lynis show dbdir lynis show details lynis show environment lynis show groups lynis show help lynis show hostids lynis show includedir lynis show language lynis show license lynis show logfile lynis show man lynis show options lynis show os lynis show pidfile lynis show plugindir lynis show profiles lynis show release lynis show releasedate lynis show report lynis show settings lynis show tests lynis show version lynis show workdir $ lynis show tests | more # Test OS Description # ====================================================================================== ACCT-2754 Free BSD Check for available Free BSD accounting information (security) ACCT-2760 Open BSD Check for available Open BSD accounting information (security) ACCT-9622 Linux Check for available Linux accounting information (security) ACCT-9626 Linux Check for sysstat accounting data (security) ACCT-9628 Linux Check for auditd (security) ACCT-9630 Linux Check for auditd rules (security) ACCT-9632 Linux Check for auditd configuration file (security) ACCT-9634 Linux Check for auditd log file (security) ACCT-9636 Linux Check for Snoopy wrapper and logger (security) ACCT-9650 Solaris Check Solaris audit daemon (security) ACCT-9652 Solaris Check auditd SMF status (security) ACCT-9654 Solaris Check BSM auditing in /etc/system (security) ACCT-9656 Solaris Check BSM auditing in module list (security) ACCT-9660 Solaris Check location of audit events (security) ACCT-9662 Solaris Check Solaris auditing stats (security) AUTH-9204 Check users with an UID of zero (security) AUTH-9208 Check non-unique accounts in passwd file (security) AUTH-9212 Test group file (security) AUTH-9216 Check group and shadow group files (security) AUTH-9218 Free BSD Check harmful login shells (security) AUTH-9222 Check for non unique groups (security) AUTH-9226 Check non unique group names (security) AUTH-9228 Check password file consistency with pwck (security) AUTH-9234 Query user accounts (security) AUTH-9240 Query NIS authentication support (security) AUTH-9242 Query NIS authentication support (security) AUTH-9250 Checking sudoers file (security) AUTH-9252 Check sudoers file (security) AUTH-9254 Solaris Solaris passwordless accounts (security) --More-- This is not a daily or weekly task, So better to run once in a month.If you want your system to dual boot Linux and Windows 95/98, you can install LILO on the master boot record (MBR) and set it up to let you select the system to boot.Dual booting Linux and Windows NT is not quite as straightforward, because Windows NT has its own loader on the MBR, and it expects to be the one in charge.

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